What does a Brown Recluse Spider look like – Identify a Brown Recluse Spider


The symptoms of every spiders’ bite are different from each other. When it comes to Brown Recluse Spider, the bite can be harmful to us. It is necessary to identify the spider, if you are bitten by one, so that the bite can be treated accordingly. We have laid down information about the appearance of a Brown Recluse Spider so that you may know what does a Brown Recluse Spider look like. This will enable you not only to identify the spider but also take necessary treatment if you are bitten by one.

What does a brown recluse spider look like?

Brown Recluse Spider Appearance:

It is easier to identify a Brown Recluse Spider because of its colors and look. Following are the things which can help in identifying a Brown Recluse Spider. 

  • It has a violin like marking on its back. It is also known as violin spider, brown fiddler or fiddle-back spider. The neck of this violin mark is directed towards the abdomen. This mark on the Brown Recluse Spider helps in identifying it.
  • Sometimes, it can be difficult to identify Brown Recluse Spider with the violin like marking on its body. In that case, eyes can be useful in identifying it. Because most of the spiders have eight eyes. These spiders have six eyes. These eyes are arranged in pairs with one maiden pair and the two lateral pairs. There are only a few other spiders which have eyes paired like this.
  • It does not have any prominent mark on the abdomen or legs. The legs of Brown Recluse Spider do not have spines.

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Size and Color of Brown Recluse Spiders:

  • The size of the Brown Recluse Spider is usually between 6 – 20 millimeters (i.e. 0.24 – 0.79 inch). But some spiders can grow larger in size.
  • Brown Recluse Spiders can be found in three different colors i.e. white, dark brown or blackish gray. The pedipalps of the Brown Recluse Spider are usually dark. These pedipalps are quite prominent in Brown Recluse Spider. The color of cephalothorax and abdomen can be different in these spiders.

Brown Recluse Spider

Behavior of Brown Recluse Spider:

A Brown Recluse Spider can also be identified by his behavior. It is non-aggressive by nature. But it can bite you to defend itself. It moves with extended legs on the flat surface. During some unwanted or alarming situation, it withdraws its front two legs into straightforward position to take a defensive position. It withdraws the rearmost pair of legs for the purpose of lunging forward. In an alarming situation, Brown Recluse Spider stands motionless and raises its pedipalps. It can also fly in case of some threatening situation. It likes to remain defensive during these situations. These habits can also help in identifying a Brown Recluse Spider.

Where are Brown Recluse Spider Found

  • The Brown Recluse Spider is usually found in the central southern part of the United States. These spiders like to thrive in the same environment like humans do.
  • Brown Recluse Spider likes to live in dark and sheltered places that’s why these spiders can be found in barns, homes, and basements.
  • It is tiny when it comes out of an egg case and passes different periods to reach the adulthood. It takes almost 6 – 12 month to reach the adulthood. Adult Brown Recluse Spider can live from 2 – 3 years.
  • Brown Recluse Spider is most active from March to October. Female Brown Recluse Spider can produce 2 – 5 eggs during this time. Each egg case may contain 20 – 50 spiderlings.

What does a Brown Recluse Spider look like

Brown Recluse Spider can be identified easily with the help of its violins like mark or eyes. The movement and behavior of Brown Recluse Spider can also help you in identifying it. These spiders are usually inactive from October until March. In this duration, it is usually harmless and there is no need to use any insecticide to remove them. They are active from October to March and the people should be careful while reaching a dark and sheltered place. Because these spiders like to live in dark places. These spiders mostly come out at night to time to hunt for food.

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