Brown Recluse Spider Bite Treatment – First Aid and Medicines


Brown Recluse Spider is known for its poisonous bite. It is not easy to identify the bite of Brown Recluse Spider initially. The symptoms of Brown Recluse Spider bite appear after few hours. Those systems can be severe. It is important to take proper steps to overcome the effect of the bite of Brown Recluse Spider as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can convert into a blister which can cause severe pain on the bite location. First aid is necessary to stop the symptoms of the Brown Recluse Spider side. Here, we will discuss Brown Recluse Spider Bite Treatment which includes first aid and medicines.

Brown Recluse Spider Bite Treatment

First Aid Treatment:

Before going to the doctor, try to apply some first aid on the bite location. Take these first aid steps quickly:

  • Wash the bite location with the soap and water quickly.
  • If the bite location is on the hands, arms, feet or legs then tying a bandage on the upper location of the wound will not allow the Venom to spread in the blood.
  • Elevate the bite area as much as possible
  • Try to apply the ice pack to the bite location. It will reduce the swelling and pain.

Most of the times the bite of Brown Recluse Spider can heal naturally also without any complications. But it can be dangerous also. That’s why it is always required to take the proper medical treatment if you are bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider. Some serious complications can occur in few cases like coma, kidney failure, blood disorders and in worst cases death can also occur. These complications are more common in the children.

Brown Recluse Spider Bite Treatment
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Venom is the enzyme which is injected by the Brown Recluse Spider with its bite. There is no proper anti-venom which for the medication of Brown Recluse Spider. But there are some other medications and treatment available, which can helpful in the treatment of Brown Recluse Spider bite. These treatments can be useful in mitigating the effects of bite but not always reliable. Following medicines can be helpful:

  • Antibiotic: Antibiotic is always helpful in the treatment or preventing the infection which is caused by the bacteria.
  • Steroids: This medicine can be helpful in decreasing the inflammation.
  • Td vaccine: This vaccine can be useful in preventing the tetanus and diphtheria.
  • Antihistamines: This antibiotic is helpful in reducing the itching.

Brown Recluse Spider Bite Treatment antivenom

Some specific and useful medicines are colchicine (for treatment of gout), corticosteroids (to reduce the inflammation), dapsone (for treatment of leprosy) and pain relievers. These medicines can be used with a proper prescription from the doctor. Sometimes, surgery is also required to remove the dead cells from the wound.
These are the methods of Brown Recluse Spider bite treatment. Due to the severe reactions and symptoms of the bite of Brown Recluse Spider, it is always recommended to take proper cautions to overcome the chances of Brown Recluse Spider bite. These spiders mostly live in dark and sheltered places. Use the insecticides at those places. These spiders are not aggressive by nature but can be dangerous in attacking situations. So, try to avoid the interaction with them. This information is just provided to help you in planning your treatment when you are bitten by Brown Recluse Spider. Try to understand your condition and use these precautions according to that. Otherwise, contact to your doctor quickly. This information is for first aid and educational aid only. Sometimes, first aid will not be helpful in reducing the symptoms. That’s why, always try to consult to your doctor or nurse before taking any medicine.

Brown Recluse Spider Bite Treatment




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